What Size Softball For Coed City League?

How many players are on a coed softball team?

A team must start and finish a game with at least eight (8) players. For all co-ed games, a team cannot have more men in the field than women. There must be four (4) women in the field at all times. A team cannot play with 5 men and 4 women in the field, unless the opposing manager approves.

What size of softball do I need?

SIZING. The league you’re in will determine which size softball is appropriate for play. Generally, competitive league softballs range from 10″-12″, while some slow pitch city leagues can use softballs as large as 16″. For youngsters, softballs are usually 11″ or 12″.

Which softball size is the most popular?

12 inches: This is the most common size softball for both fast- and slow-pitch games. Fast-pitch youth players will begin using a 12-inch ball around age ten. Some co-ed slow-pitch leagues use a 12-inch softball when men or boys bat and an 11-inch ball when women or girls bat.

How do you make a coed softball lineup?

Many co-ed softball leagues require that a team organize its lineup around alternating genders. This means that your team’s lineup must go woman-man-woman-man, or man-woman-man-woman, and the only doubling up allowed must come at the end of the lineup.

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How many players are on a fast pitch softball team?

In fast pitch softball, the pitch is fast, there are nine players on the field at one time, and while bunting and stealing bases are permitted, leading off is not.

What is the starting count in slow pitch softball?

BALLS AND STRIKES: Each batter will start his/her at bat with a count of one ball and one strike. In other words, two pitched strikes equals an out and three pitched balls equals a walk. A batter who hits a foul ball, including foul tips, on a count of two strikes will be out.

How heavy is a 12 inch softball?

The size of a regulation softball is 12 and between 6.25 -7 oz. As you train, gradually increase the weight of the ball as you build strength in your throwing arm.

What is a 16 inch softball called?

16-inch softball (sometimes called clincher, mushball, cabbageball, puffball, blooperball, smushball and Chicago ball ) is a variant of softball, but using a larger, softer ball with no gloves or mitts on the fielders.

How many players are in a 16 inch softball?

Rosters: Ten (10) players constitute a softball team. A team may play with eight (8) players without being considered a forfeit.

How do you make a good softball lineup?

How to make a batting order

  1. Best On Base Percentage, generally fastest as well, so could be your best slapper.
  2. Next best On Base Percentage, generally fast as well, so could be your next best slapper – Also a spot for a good bunter that can move runners over and makes consistent contact on the ground.

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