Readers ask: What Age Group Is The Rowan County Little League Softball?

What age is double a Little League?

Double A – American is intended for League Age 8 and 9 year olds who aren’t ready for our traditional Double A division (now called “Double A National”). Double A American will be a kids pitch division with pitchers throwing from 40 feet instead of 46 feet in Double A American.

What are the age groups for Little League softball?


  • Minors (ages 9 – 10)
  • Majors (ages 11 – 12)
  • Junior (ages 13 – 14)
  • Senior (ages 15 – 16)

Can a 4 year old play Little League?

The Little League Baseball® program includes divisions for all children, ages 4–16. Baseball divisions consist of the following programs: Tee Ball (ages 4-7) Minor League (ages 5-11)

What size is a Little League softball?

12-Inch Softballs are used by Little League (Majors), Junior, and Senior Softball Players.

Can a 3 year old play T Ball?

Tee ball is for little kids and as parents we need to expect that results may vary. Additionally, most leagues do not allow 3 year olds to play Tee Ball. In Little League you have be League Age 4, but it’s possible for your child qualify as League Age 4 and be 3-years old.

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What does AA mean in Little League?

The “AA” Division is a level of baseball where a higher level of game understanding and ability is taught. Competition as it relates to winning and losing is introduced at this level.

Can a 13 year old play 12U softball?

The first important aspect involves the age of the girls. Like all age groups, 12U can span an almost 3 year interval. That’s because the girl who turns 11 December 31st is playing with or against the girl who turns 13 January 1.

Can a boy play Little League softball?

The campus group called on the Little League to lift the ban on boy softball players, noting that in 1973 the league was forced to allow girls to play on Little League baseball teams and calling on league administrators “to treat both sexes equally and fairly” by allowing boys to play softball.

What age is coach pitch?

This is also known as “coach pitch” and is for players age 5-7 that have played at least one year of Rookie Level (T-ball) or for 8 year olds with no other experience.

What Sport Can a 3 year old play?

Three- and 4-year-olds playing team sports? Some experts think they should skip pee wee sports and stick to the playground. These days you can sign up your toddler for soccer, swimming, gymnastics, karate, dance, even rugby (yes, there are rugby classes for 3-year-olds).

What sports can a 2 year old play?

Ages 2 to 5

  • Running.
  • Hopping, skipping and jumping.
  • Tumbling.
  • Throwing and catching.
  • Swimming.
  • Riding a tricycle or bicycle.
  • Climbing on playground equipment.
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Is there a pitch count in Little League softball?

The pitch count determines how many days of rest are required before said player may pitch again in a Little League game.

How far do 13 year olds pitch from?

The distance in all divisions of baseball for 13-year-olds, is up to 90 feet, with a local league option to shorten the distance to 75 feet for Junior League Baseball and 70 feet for Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division for regular season play.

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