Readers ask: How To Hold A Softball Bat?

How do you hold a bat for hitting power?

A right technique to hold a bat handle is to hold it from Middle. Holding it from the middle will help you to generate more power in shots. Hitting long sixes can be easier while holding the middle handle. If you hold a handle from top power-hitting can be easier but there will be lesser control while playing shots.

What bat is best for hitting sixes?

The Adidas Pellara punches at the very top when it comes to bat craftsmanship. Featuring huge edges and a long swell down the middle of the bat, the Pellara still maintains a balanced pick up for thrashing at the ball.

How do you properly bat?

Always stand facing the bowler with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your body with your hips, keeping your back straight. As you hold the bat ready, point your non-dominant shoulder towards the bowler and make sure to keep your eyes on the ball. Your shoulders shouldn’t drop and must be at eye level at all times.

Why can’t I hit a slow pitch softball?

One common reason players can’t hit a slow pitch softball is because they are using the wrong bat. You want to have good control over the bat and feel comfortable using it. The size of the bat will not affect how far you hit the ball as much as making square contact with the ball and how fast you swing the bat.

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What hand is on top when holding the bat if you bat right handed?

The top hand is the power hand. But, of course, these are misnomers to some extent. The top hand delivers the power from the rest of your body. The bottom hand describes the action, leading your bat into the swing.

What are knocking knuckles?

Line up what we call “door-knocking knuckles” These are knocking knuckles, the ones you knock on the door with. Line those up. It enables you to turn over the bat properly, when you swing.

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