Quick Answer: How To Stop Hitting Ground Balls In Softball?

What causes a hitter to hit ground balls?

The weak ground ball happens often times when you’re trying to pull a pitch that you have no business pulling. If a pitch is on the outer half of the plate, it’s not a pull pitch. If you’re hitting with two-strikes, trying to pull the ball is out of the question. Get great at driving the ball to all fields.

Why am I grounding out in softball?

Grounding out means you didn’t hit the ball with everything you had. Maybe you were distracted or you weren’t ready. Control your strength to make the bat hit the ball, rather than swinging carelessly so that the ball hits the bat. Your goal here is not to simply not miss the pitch.

Why am I hitting the ball off the end of the bat?

— When a batter is continually hitting foul balls to the right side or off the end of the bat, indicates the bat-head is trailing too far behind the hands at contact. The mechanics taught by many coaches has the batter quickly extending the hands (or knob) toward the ball.

How can I make my ground ball better?

How to Field a Ground Ball

  1. Stay Low. As you approach the ball, stay low.
  2. Gain ground. Gain ground on the baseball until the hop makes you stop.
  3. Right, Left, Field. That is, Right foot, Left foot, Field the ball.
  4. Small Strides.
  5. Work through the Baseball.
  6. Stay Relaxed.
  7. Funnel the Ball to your Chest.
  8. Don’t Rush.
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What direction should your fingers be pointed when catching a fly ball?

Work with all of your players on the following fly-ball basics:

  1. Line your throwing side up with the ball.
  2. Get your glove up in-line with the ball with your fingers pointing to the sky.
  3. Elbows are bent and relaxed (do not extend arms straight to catch ball).

Why do I hit so many foul balls?

foul balls can happen for a variety of reasons. Too early hit a ball to the pull side foul, too late and dink a ball to the push side.

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