Question: Where Is The Birdville Location Softball Fields?

Where is Birdsville common?

Located in Queensland near the borders with South Australia and the Northern Territory, Birdsville is on the edge of the Simpson Desert over 1587 km west of Brisbane.

What is Birdsville known for?

One of Queensland’s most remote towns is also its most renowned. Birdsville is just as hot on travel bucket lists as its bitumen is in summer (read: over 40 degrees). Perched on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville is surrounded by vast gibber plains and braided Channel Country.

Where does the Birdsville Track start?

Where does the Birdsville Track start and finish? The Birdsville track starts in Marree (650 km north of Adelaide) and finishes in Birdsville in south west Queensland.

How many people live in Birdsville Australia?

For a town of just over 100 people, Birdsville has a big backyard to share – 176,500km2 of the Simpson Desert (Munga-Thirri National Park) to be precise.

Is the road to Birdsville sealed?

Running through the heart of Queensland’s channel country, sections of the Birdsville Developmental Road are both sealed and unsealed but regularly maintained. During peak season (especially around the Birdsville Races), road conditions can deteriorate quite quickly when the rains come.

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Does Birdsville have a hospital?

Overview. The Birdsville Primary Health Centre is a nurse-led emergency care and primary health service with ambulance services. Information on how to get involved with the Birdsville Primary Health Centre community.

What is there to see on the Birdsville Track?

Birdsville Track – What is there to See Along the Way?

  • The Birdsville Track – one of Australia’s iconic drives.
  • Memories of the late Tom Kruse.
  • Old Train.
  • Near Lake Harry.
  • The Birdsville Track from Tree Bluff.
  • Looking North from the Dog Fence.
  • Toilets at Clayton Bore Campsite.
  • Brennan Memorial Plaque.

What happened to the Birdsville Bakery?

The Ellis family, who purchased the Birdsville Hotel in January for around $6 million, are the new owners of the renowned bakery built by Robert ‘Dusty’ Miller in Queensland’s far south west. Diamantina Holdings was subsequently placed into liquidation and the bakery has been closed for almost a year.

Where does Birdsville get its water?

Our water comes from the Artesian Bore and is safe to drink. If you need to fill your jerry cans and caravan/RV tanks, There are a row of 10 taps out at the free camping aera where you can fill up.

How bad is the Birdsville Track?

Slow down! Despite the extreme dry and harsh environment, the land along the Birdsville Track is considered good cattle country. Once the rare rain and floods from the north inundate the region, you’ll see an amazing transformation of the sunburnt, desolate landscape.

Is the Birdsville Track a dirt road?

It traverses three deserts along the route, the Strzelecki Desert, Sturt Stony Desert and Tirari Desert. Originally the track was of poor quality and suitable for high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles only, but it is now a graded dirt road and a popular tourist route.

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Is Maree to Birdsville sealed?

The Birdsville Track is a hard-based, unsealed road and runs between Marree in South Australia and Birdsville in Queensland. The road surface can vary, travelling through sand dune country and gibber plains. Be careful of ponded water after rain.

Why does Birdsville exist?

Birdsville is located at the border of South Australia and Queensland to collect tolls from the droves of cattle being moved interstate. Nearly all the trade of the town was with Adelaide, and it became an important marshalling point for cattle being driven south to markets in South Australia.

Is Birdsville near any major Australian cities?

Cities near Birdsville, Queensland: Quilpie, Australia. Winton, Australia. Titjikala, Australia. Atitjere, Australia.

Is Birdsville in South Australia?

An Australian Outback Adventure, the well maintained, unsealed track links Birdsville in Queensland’s south-west to Marree in the mid-north of South Australia. The Birdsville Track covers some of Australia’s most beautiful and challenging country, passing through the Simpson Desert and Sturt’s Stoney Desert.

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