Often asked: Why Do I Keep Hitting Ground Balls In Slow Pitch Softball?

Why am I hitting a lot of ground balls?

A lot of the time young hitters hit more ground balls than they should is because they are just too weak. If this is the case, then you must work on making the hitter stronger and more athletic.

What percentage of ground balls are hits?

As shown in the article referenced above, the percentage of batted balls with launch angles of five degrees or lower – the standard definition of a ground ball – has dropped from 39.95% in 2018 to 37.21% through 8/23/20. That’s a pretty steep drop in a fairly short period of time.

Why am I hitting the ball off the end of the bat?

— When a batter is continually hitting foul balls to the right side or off the end of the bat, indicates the bat-head is trailing too far behind the hands at contact. The mechanics taught by many coaches has the batter quickly extending the hands (or knob) toward the ball.

Why am I hitting grounders with my driver?

You need to have your center of gravity in the correct place if you are going to strike the ball cleanly time after time. Specifically, players who hit ground balls are leaving too much weight on their right foot as they come down into the ball.

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What pitch causes ground balls?

Pitches that are low in the strike zone with high negative horizontal or vertical movement and high velocity, such as splitters, sinkers, curveballs, and two-seam fastballs, result in the highest percentage of ground balls.

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