Often asked: What Is A Good Grip In A Fastpitch Softball Bat?

What size bat grip should I use?

1.1mm – The middle size grip is the most popular, and offers a nice middle ground. This is a standard grip that is used for new bats coming off the factory line. This thickness is preferred by players who don’t want too big of a cushion but still aren’t ready to use the much thinner 0.5mm.

What are 2 key points for successful batting in softball?

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  • Good Balance, with the feet comfortably apart.
  • Slight, but Equal Bend in the Knees.
  • Slight Bend in the Hip so that you set the proper plane of the barrel when you get ready to swing.
  • Make sure the hips and shoulders are facing the plate, or “flat” and square to the plate.

What is the thickest bat grip?

1.8mm – This is a heavy thickness which is what most youth, Little League, and even some high school players prefer. This thickness of grip is recommended for more beginner players as it helps with shock absorption at contact of the ball and bat.

What is the best batting grip?

The strongest position is when your bottom hand palm is facing down, and your top hand palm is facing up. If you open up your hands they should both be parallel to the ground. As you make contact, your grip will naturally get tighter and your top hand thumb will not allow the bat to get knocked backwards.

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Do wood bats need grip tape?

You can find tape specifically designed for bats, but you can also use standard athletic tape. Tape will not make the bat handle any stickier, so you’ll likely want to apply pine tar or tack.

What’s the difference between 1.1 and 1.8 lizard skin?

Little leaguers looking for the most cushion and feel usually prefer the 1.8mm which gives the greatest sting dampening and confidence to swing hard at the plate. The middle ground is the 1.1mm for those in the transition phase to wood bats or those with wood bats looking for a bit more cushion.

Can MLB players use bat tape?

Bat tape has become a more and more popular accessory used by baseball and softball players. Bat tape is not only a way to accessorize the appearance of the bat, but also can aid in improving the grip and comfort of the batting experience. We are even seeing a greater number of MLB players using it.

How do you remove a lizard skin bat grip?

Bat Grip Removal Start by removing the electrical tape at the top of the grip. Next, you will uncoil the bat grip. Once the bat grip is completely off you can apply an adhesive remover to rid the handle of any remaining glue. We recommend using an old rag for this portion.

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