Often asked: How To Correct Downward Softball Swing?

How do you correct an early softball swing?

How to fix being too early

  1. Take slower batting practice. By having a hitter face slower batting practice, they have to learn to allow the ball to travel to them, rather than jumping out to get the ball.
  2. Hit off of the tee with the tee set back in the zone.
  3. Take an opposite field approach.

Why am I hitting ground balls in softball?

3) You hit the wrong pitches When you try to hit a pitch that is not where you want it, you will most likely make poor contact. Poor contact = weak ground ball. Most often, trying to pull an outside pitch results in weak grounders. Swinging at bad pitches results in an overextended swing.

Does Swingrail help with dropping hands?

My son is 10, and he had a problem with dropping his hands. A few days of cage work with the swingrail and his swing is fixed. Also noticed he is hitting the ball harder. A couple teammates have used it and they are also seeing improvements.

Why can’t I hit a slow pitch softball?

One common reason players can’t hit a slow pitch softball is because they are using the wrong bat. You want to have good control over the bat and feel comfortable using it. The size of the bat will not affect how far you hit the ball as much as making square contact with the ball and how fast you swing the bat.

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