FAQ: In Fastpitch Softball Batting When Do I Take My Stride?

When should a hitter stride?

As a hitter, you always want the front foot to be down early rather than late. The best time to have the front foot down is when the baseball has been released and the ball has traveled about ¼ to ½ of the distance to the plate.

Why do you use a step when hitting a ball softball?

The idea of “taking a step” right before you swing is a tool to help players shift their weight from their back foot. In the batters box, the weight should be on your back foot. Right before you take a swing, you should step toward the pitcher as a way of moving your weight from your back foot toward your front foot.

What is a stride in batting?

A great way to keep a rhythm throughout your swing is to step or stride toward the pitcher. One common flaw with young hitters is that they will stride “open”, rotating their hips away from the plate, instead of back toward the pitcher.

What batting stance should I use?

Your stance should be aligned to the pitcher with your feet, hips and shoulders on a line perpendicular to the rubber. A good way to test your balance is to get in your stance and have your coach provide a slight push from different directions. If you have good balance, you should not fall out of your stance.

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What are 2 key points for successful batting in softball?

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  • Good Balance, with the feet comfortably apart.
  • Slight, but Equal Bend in the Knees.
  • Slight Bend in the Hip so that you set the proper plane of the barrel when you get ready to swing.
  • Make sure the hips and shoulders are facing the plate, or “flat” and square to the plate.

What part of the softball should you hit?

After contact, the hitter should allow her arms to extend and her wrists to roll over, ending the swing with her hands near the front shoulder and her chin on the back shoulder. The majority of the player’s weight remains on the firm front leg, and the back shoulder, hip and knee should be aligned.

What’s a stride?

1: a long step or the distance covered by such a step She crossed the room in only a few strides. 2: a step forward: advance We’ve made great strides toward a cure. 3: a way of walking a bouncy stride.

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